IT WORKS.  While there is no guarantee of success in mediation, many industry professionals believe that resolution of a dispute is achieved in two times out of three.

Even where mediation fails, parties come away from the mediation process feeling empowered by the opportunity to present their side of a dispute in a constructive way.  In mediation, the participants make their own decisions.  The same level of self-determination may not be unavailable via the legal system where solutions are sometimes imposed by the Court.

Mediation is frequently less expensive and time consuming than submitting a matter to the Courts.  The legal system sometimes requires years to bring a dispute to resolution.  Even so, Judges must often reach decisions in legal matters under time pressure and with limited time and information.

Mediation is also confidential where a legal proceeding may be accessible to the public via the Court’s public records.

Most disputes are very taxing — emotionally, and in time and treasure.  Mediation put clients in control of their own futures much sooner, provides financial savings and usually resolves the dispute in a short time. This allows the parties to put the dispute behind them and move on with their lives.

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